How Does a Data Room Cost?

Despite the popular belief that virtual data rooms are all the same, they may differ greatly in cost structure and functionality. Understanding how each vendor determines their pricing can help companies choose the right data room solution for their requirements. This article will discuss how VDR pricing is determined, and also the features and extras that determine the final cost.

A variety of methods to determine the cost of data rooms include per-page pricing, user licenses and storage capacity. Some VDR providers offer a fixed monthly cost that includes an amount of storage and a set number of users. This is an excellent option for teams that are not sure how long their project will last and avoids costly time-based overages.

Other providers might charge based on the number gigabytes (GB) of storage space the data room utilizes. This is a great choice for companies dealing with a lot of text files because it removes the need to regularly upgrade storage or pay for costly overages.

A rarer structure is to charge a regular monthly fee that is based on the number of users who use the data room and how often they access it. This is a good option for teams not sure of the length of time they’ll need the data room. It lets them limit costs and to increase the amount of usage. PandaDoc offers firms a 30-day trial to test its robust VDR solution.